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It was hard to move dad from his home to an assisted living facility, but moving him to Chelsea has been the best thing for his mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being. Even from the beginning, he was smiling, laughing and conversing more than he had in a while. He is much more active and stimulated than he was at home, with daily activities that get him thinking, laughing and moving. The staff knows each resident well, and they’re sensitive to different personalities and preferences, and physical and mental capabilities.

The facility is always clean and bright and Dad loves the food! It is always fresh and homecooked, with plenty of variety. At Chelsea Place, family members are always welcomed, and communication with family is great.

True to their values – positive, attentive and genuinely compassionate. Everyone goes out of their way to treat residents as they would treat their own grandmother or grandfather. I never worry about dad – I know that at every minute, he is safe, happy, well cared for and cared about.”

– Cheryl Lynn
Resident’s Daughter

The BEST “boutique” assisted living facility in Charlotte County.

Everyone went out of their way to make my mother-in-law feel welcome. Beginning with introducing themselves to her at the rehabilitation facility she was in before moving to Chelsea Place. The owner Kris, administrator Samantha and RN Chris all made a point of meeting and getting to know my mother-in-law before the life changing move.

The facility is truly modeled after “Retirement Resort Living” with a tasteful Key West theme. It is clean and well maintained. The intimate 12 resident size makes for a family atmosphere.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The activities looked fun and the meals well prepared. We enjoyed a private Easter Dinner in my mother-in-laws room.

We do not live near by and feel totally comfortable knowing she is lucky enough to be cared for by the lovely staff at Chelsea Place.”

– Carol Hurst
Resident’s Daughter-in-law

This is Jack, Dorothy’s son in law. After spending a little time with Dorothy I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your entire operation. I got a close up view of Dorothy’s excellent care but also observed the level of genuine care, respect and consideration each person receives and it is exceptional.

I was able to watch how each guest was taken care of in many different situations and encounters. I don’t know you very well but I can tell who you are in the weight of this responsibility you have taken on. Your humanity is reflected by your people and how they conduct themselves. It starts at the top with you and Chelsea. I can’t tell you how thankful we are to have you caring for these people in this most important and challenging point of life. You are unique.

Thank you very much for taking care of my girl Dorothy like you do!”

– Jack Stone
Resident’s Son-in-law

So nice to become a part of the Chelsea Place family. We brought my mother-in-law there today to begin her new life. Everyone is so nice and friendly–they cannot do enough for us!!! We are to happy!!”

– Pixie Easthope
Resident’s Daughter-in-law

The owners’ of Chelsea Place Retirement Living, Kris and Chelsea Chana live out their love of God in their testimony of serving others. They are not only loving to their residents and their families, they also show unconditional love for their staff.

Personal care of the residents goes above and beyond. Caregivers treat residents as their parents and grandparents loving them, helping them and listening to them. I would suggest you stop by and see for yourself. The door is always open and you will be welcomed in.”

– Karen Phillibotte
Friend of Resident

My mother June Bowling has been a resident of Chelsea Place since January 2015. I love it when my mother and I are pulling into the driveway of Chelsea Place, after being out for a car ride. I say “I wonder where we are at” and my mom with a big smile says “we are at my home.” That says it all to me. Home to me is a loving and safe environment. That is Chelsea Place!

– Sheryl Johnson
Resident’s Daughter

This is an A -1 Top Notch Place to be!!! Great staff and Care Givers! The owners are an every day part of what goes on here! Everyone makes this a FAMILY Feel place to be! I am a Massage Therapist who sees one of the residents on a regular basis and I am even made to feel like part of the Family! Such wonderful people live here and the people who work here are very caring, fun loving people who are not only great at what they do …. You can tell they Love what they do! Congratulations to all on having The Perfect Place for those in need to have a New Home away from home <3″

– Kim Coffey
Resident’s Massage Therapist

My best friend, Lauretta J.W. Aries, 94, passed away on September 9, 2014. She had been a resident of Chelsea Place since November 26, 2012. Lauretta had been a resident at two other facilities before going to Chelsea Place.

The personal care and love that Lauretta received from all of the employees was remarkable. The folks at Chelsea Place treated all the residents with ‘love’ beyond description. They were family to Lauretta and to me. The care they gave to Lauretta was above and beyond that received at other facilities. Lauretta was at home there and enjoyed the games (bingo especially) and the activities.

They also took time on Sundays to get Lauretta and other residents to church.

I have reserved my room at Chelsea Place!”

– Barb Rice
Friend of Resident

I was faced with an emergency situation of having to put my special needs aunt into an assisted living facility for a temporary stay. Having to do this from Kentucky I was very apprehensive to book her stay without seeing the facility or meeting the staff first but the owner Kris was extremely kind and comforting in his description of his mission, facility, staff and reassured me my aunt would be in good hands. I traveled from KY to FL to transfer my aunt in January and couldn’t have been more relieved after meeting Kris and his staff.

Chelsea Place has a private and warm home-like setting compared to the more clinical and sterile environment of most corporate assisted living facilities. Upon arrival the staff was friendly and patient with my aunt and made sure she was comfortable and welcome from the very beginning. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to prolong my aunt’s stay another 2 months. Chelsea Place was very accommodating in allowing my aunt stay longer as needed.

When the time finally came to take my aunt to her new facility, she was embraced by the two Chelsea Place staff members/nurses on shift that afternoon. I knew from seeing that last interaction with them that they really cared about Karon and her well-being and that they were going to genuinely miss her. I cannot express how happy I was about how well cared for my aunt was at Chelsea Place. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to place another family member there again!”

– Marty Meersman
Nephew of Resident

Thank you so much!!! You have no idea what your kindness to Marguerite means to us both. She couldn’t have stayed at a nicer place. Thanks.”

– Harold
Husband of Resident

I would like to sincerely thank you for all of your efforts in assisting me with placement for my mother Ruth Tesolin. The tremendous care that she has received since her admission to you facility in December is something that no one can put a price tag on! It was an extremely difficult decision to move my mom into assisted living after having her with me for 27 years.

As a health care professional myself it is often difficult to find the “right fit” with the quality of care that I insisted on having for my mom. You have provided her with a warm, caring atmosphere in which she is now flourishing. The smile on her face and the praises she gives you and your staff have given me peace of mind knowing that I definitely made the right choice.

I would like to say that our family has been so fortunate in finding you and to all those who must make a difficult decision in finding placement for their loved one, you couldn’t possibly ask for anything more than Chelsea Place. I wish you the very best and success in your efforts to make Chelsea Place the Assisted Living Facility of choice in Charlotte County. Once again, my sincerest thanks for all of your efforts!”

– Jerry Powers
Daughter of Resident

Lionel looks wonderful so happy better than I have seen him in a few years, you guys are doing a great job providing his care. It is very obvious. Thank you.”

– Terri
Friend of Resident

See these smiling faces; they are smiling because of the sincere loving care that they receive at Chelsea Place. God bless the residents and their caregivers: they are indeed, special people.”

– Sharon Kerr
Friend of Residents

Today Danny and I were given an opportunity of playing for a small assisted living facility, the young man that owns the ALF was unbelievable so caring, and truly having his heart in the right place for the residents that need care. If I had a loved one that needed that kind of care that is where I would want them.

Danny even commented he would like to live at Chelsea Place. The décor was a Key West theme, so clean you could eat off the floors and beautifully decorated. We are blessed to have met Kris and to see someone that really cares about people. God, will surely bless this young man for his good works.”

– Karen Dee & Danny
Local Musician

Thank you so much for spoiling Gran, she is healthier than I have seen her in years. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me that she loves being here so much!”

– Sally Key Brown
Granddaughter of Resident

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Lionel looks wonderful so happy better than I have seen him in a few years, you guys are doing a great job providing his care. It is very obvious. Thank you." - Terri

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