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Respite Care

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is also commonly referred to as a short-term stay. It is very common that people will move to their parent’s current residence in order to become their primary caregiver during a time of need. I have seen many people forgo their careers in order to take care of mom and dad full time. After years of being the primary caregiver, the stress and lack of restful sleep may lead to exhaustion and frustration among family members. Maybe it is time for a vacation! Well, who is going to take care of mom and dad while I am gone? This is when respite care or a short-term stay can be the perfect solution!

What services are provided and how much does it cost?
Many assisted living facilities in the area offer respite care programs or short-term stays, which will accommodate your loved one while you’re on vacation or if you simply just need some time away to rest. Facilities will charge a daily, weekly, or monthly rate for respite care services and in most cases these rates will include a furnished room, three meals per day, medication management, personal care services, and transportation.

Is there a minimum number of days required?
There are some facilities that require a minimum number of days and there are others that do not. In our case, we do not require a minimum number of days. In fact, we encourage families to at least try one day with us to show their loved one how enjoyable an assisted living community can be and how the companionship can help alleviate symptoms of depression.

Need a break? We’ll take care of your loved one so you can get the rest you deserve.
Not only do short-term stay services offer the perfect solution for stressed out caregivers but it also helps with the transition into an assisted living facility as a long-term resident. Most individuals are worried and even scared about moving in to an assisted living facility because they feel as if they will lose all of their independence. This is definitely not the case; in fact, residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Our staff is there to assist when needed and to make life easier for their residents.

What is the difference between an Assisted Living Facility and a Nursing Home?
Earlier generations tend to remember the days when their parents had to move into a nursing home but since then assisted living facilities have become more prevalent and have helped bridge the gap between home and nursing homes. Respite care or short-term stay services can help family members and their loved ones make a smooth and comfortable transition into a facility as a long-term resident. If you are the primary caregiver of a loved one or you know somebody who is, then I encourage you to find out more about your respite care options.

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Lionel looks wonderful so happy better than I have seen him in a few years, you guys are doing a great job providing his care. It is very obvious. Thank you." - Terri

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